Young People

About ORiEL

Since the Olympics there have been lots of changes in your neighbourhoods. The ORiEL team are interested in finding out what those changes mean to you and to your health.

Our aim is to understand how big events like the Olympics can lead to changes in the lives of young people. What we learn from you will help us to understand the kinds of changes that benefit young people. This information can then be used to improve other neighbourhoods and to plan future events.

Who is taking part?

Young people from across the Boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Barking and Dagenham.

The study is taking place in 25 Secondary schools with over 3,100 pupils. We started before the Olympics in 2012 with Year 7, repeated the survey with the same pupils in Year 8 and then surveyed the same pupils again when they were in Year 9 back in 2014.

What does the survey involve?

We ask you to complete this questionnaire during class time, and we measure your height and weight if you agree. All of this is completely confidential. Parents or teachers are not able to see your answers and everything you say will be kept private.

The survey asks about…

  • Your physical and mental health
  • Your favourite sports and activities
  • Your neighbourhood
  • The Olympic Games and Olympic legacy
  • Your cultural identity and community
  • Your plans for the future

… and some other questions related to who you are, and to your life experiences.

Why is ORiEL important?

The information collected will help the UK government, your local council, researchers and others to understand how major events, like the Olympic and Paralympic Games can be designed to be of greatest benefit to the host nation and host city. This will mean that future events can be designed to be even better for the health and wellbeing of young people.

We really appreciate all of your help in taking part in our study. We hope you’ll enjoy being part of this big project and seeing what we find. We also acknowledge that some people may not wish to take part, and that’s fine too.

What did we find?

Have a look at our findings page to see what we have found so far.